About Me

Animal Lover & Crazy Bunny Lady

Like many of us in the pet trade, I spent my youth enthralled and fascinated by animals. Rats, Mice, Hampsters, Chinchillas, Cats, Dogs, Budgies, Crustaceans, Salamanders, and even a Rabbit. My mother was an animal lover as well and sometime when I was around 9, she brought home a little, feral bunny. Needless to say, the little bun that chewed up her designer purses and every electrical cord in the house disappeared one day as fast as it appeared. I had bumped into quite a few pet rabbits during my childhood, most of them didn’t leave super positive impressions on me — they never liked to be touched, and behaved like little wild animals living indoors. It wasn’t until I was in my teens that I met my first cuddle bunny when my heart melted as it sank into my lap allowing me to pet its soft furry little body. I met numerous other antisocial bunnies after that. I had to ask myself “what made that rabbit so different?” and that answer didn’t come to me until later in life. The answer was that it was both nature and nurture.

A deep understand of psychology taught me how important experiences in our childhood are, and how the people we surround ourselves with can affect who we become. The same psychology applies to social animals, so I embarked on this mission to create a new colony, one that embraces humans. This method of domesticating is by no means new, it has been used by breeders in both the canine and equine setting for thousands of years. So that’s the mission of my rabbitry, to make happier and more cuddly bunnies in this world.

Being a part of numerous forums and other rabbit groups, I’ve learned what people searching for when they hope to bring rabbits into their lives. They want a cuddle bunny or a companion animal, but the truth is that each bunny has a personality that becomes apparent around 20 to 30 days old. That’s what makes rabbits such wonderful and charming pets to have in our homes. Each one is so different. It’s a scary thought not knowing what type of personality you’re going to bring home into your family. So I’ve designed my practice to incorporate a psychological analysis of each rabbit’s personality. To treat each one like an individual, and not just another cute fluffy face. It’s a common practice among dog breeding to match puppies with the right family depending on their temperament. I firmly believe that my bunnies are more likely to find their forever home if their prospective families know what they are getting.

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