A New & Ethical Approach to Breeding Cuddlier Rabbits

There are no baby rabbits in cages here… just one big colony in my home. A cage free baby makes for
a happier, healthier, and affectionate companion.

Our Beliefs

A new methodology to raising better pet rabbits. We use techniques developed by animal breeders in equine and canine husbandry so you can have better socialized and more affectionate rabbits.

Meet the Colony

Handsome Daddy

Beautiful Mommies

Sisters NiNi & Minnie

In The Hidey-Hole: A Bunny Lovers Blog

Roomba A Lil Miracle

When Mini had her first little ones, they were so tiny. All babies are small but these were mini like their mom’s name. And the runt was so wee that we weren’t sure he was going to make it. But he did make it and he ended up being our family’s favorite mini miracle.

How Bunnies Have Taken Over Our Hearts & Home

When I decided to start this journey of ethical breeding and raising a free-roam colony of bunnies, I had no idea how much these large eyed, furry little characters would become such a central part of my entire family’s lives. It’s impossible not to love these bunnies especially since you start to see their personalities from the moment they open their little eyes and begin to explore the world around them. Maybe it’s the pandemic and being in a time when there are so many negative things happening in the world and in the news, but we have all becomeContinue reading “How Bunnies Have Taken Over Our Hearts & Home”