A New & Ethical Approach to Breeding Cuddlier Rabbits

There are no baby rabbits in cages here… just one big colony in my home. A cage free baby makes for
a happier, healthier and affectionate companion.

Our Beliefs

A new methodology to raising better pet rabbits. We use techniques developed by animal breeders in equine and canine husbandry so you can have better socialized and more affectionate rabbits.

Meet the Colony

Sweet & Handsome Daddy

Sassy, Smart & Lovely Mommies

Minnie & Lychee


In The Hidey-Hole: A Bunny Lovers Blog

Deciding to Bring Home a Rabbit?

Bringing home a pet rabbit can be a really enriching life experience. Their soft fur and twitchy noses are hard to resist. Even though these little furry friends are quiet, don’t mistake that for a lack of personality or charm! Breed: The breed ultimately helps you find particular characteristics like size and grooming requirements. Temperament: A vital concept when selecting a pet puppy but ignored in the rabbit trade. In reality rabbit personalities and temperaments are all across the board. The domestic rabbit has been bred for centuries and their breeding has been primarily been focused on meat and furContinue reading “Deciding to Bring Home a Rabbit?”

My Darling Curious and Crazy Clementine

Clem is the matriarch of this bunny family. She’s the first of 3 siblings that joined our family two years ago. She and her sister DJ have different personalities, different looks but they’re as emotionally bonded as my sister and I are as hooman sisters. Together they protect their families and territory, make time for naps, cuddles and of course snacks in equal measure. From the moment little Clem came into our lives, she stole our hearts and kept us laughing with her antics. You don’t know if you’ll catch her in the act… you know, hanging off a ledgeContinue reading “My Darling Curious and Crazy Clementine”

Roomba A Lil Miracle

When Mini had her first little ones, they were so tiny. All babies are small but these were mini like their mom’s name. And the runt was so wee that we weren’t sure he was going to make it. But he did make it and he ended up being our family’s favorite mini miracle.