Roomba A Lil Miracle

When Mini had her first little ones, they were so tiny. All babies are small but these were mini like their mom’s name. And the runt was so wee that we weren’t sure he was going to make it. But he did make it and he ended up being our family’s favorite mini miracle.

Roomba came into our lives during a really stressful time. My mom had a terrible fall and severely shattered her arm, made worse from her osteoporosis. My sister flew from Los Angeles to come back home to Virginia to be here for her surgeries. We were all so worried about mom, we had these tiny baby buns and little Roomba started to get sick. He had gastrointestinal problems and was quickly diminishing. were already so in Love with this tiny little guy and between the stress of mom’s recovery and Roomba’s diminishing health it all felt so bleak. And I know that these little baby buns who experience GI stasis have little chance of making it, but I didn’t give up. None of us did.

And thankfully we didn’t give up because he’s still with us today, small but has a big personality. We are convinced he will be an internet star/social media influencer with his funny personality and insatiable appetite.

If you’re wondering how he got his name, check out this video

When Grandma came home from the hospital, Roomba was by her side as they helped each other recover.

Roomba and his Halmoni (Grandma in Korean) have a unique and special bond. When mom came home from the hospital after surgery, she was still under sedation and the first thing she mumbled was “where’s Roomba?” And he would sit on her chest and give her kisses – sometimes being rewarded by licking fruit or coffee off Halmoni’s lips. Lol.

My sister still likes to FaceTime Roomba

Roomba even won over my boyfriend Ervin who could give him pets and treats before he left for work every night. Sometimes, I’d find these two bros just taking a nap together in the computer room.

I mean, how cute is this?

Roomba’s a character who makes us laugh all of the time. He beat all of the odds and with the help of some special food and extra care and lots of hopeful prayers, he continues to thrive. He’s like a little shadow always following us around and wanting to be a part of the party.

We love Roomba and he has become a permanent member of our family. Even though he’s starting to be a cool teenager who doesn’t want to hang out with us as much as he used to, we still love him. And when he’s a big famous internet star, we can all say we knew him when he was just a little runt chasing a robotic vacuum.

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