Personalities Deciphered

I take the mystery out of the type of bun you’re bringing home. Use this personality guide to decide which cuddly bunny will fit best in your family.

Energy: A bunny with one yellow heart is a nice lazy couch potato, these bunnies are content with just grazing and laying about.  If you can’t allow your bunny to roam freely, these buns are generally ok with being in a cage during unsupervised hours.  

A bunny with 5 hearts has loads of energy and is a joy to watch and play with.  However, these bunnies are more prone to boredom so I’d suggest an assortment of toys or activities to keep them happy.

Social: This meter refers to a rabbit being more reserved or outgoing.  A bunny with one blue heart is more timid, but they are NOT less loving.   They’re just going to require more time and a gentler touch to earn their trust.  

An outgoing bunny is almost more puppy than bunny, they are very trusting of strangers and warm up quickly to new people.  They also tend to crawl over you without fear or apprehension. They also seem to be more forgiving to bad handling which makes them better candidates for homes with young children.  

Cuddly: All my bunnies are able to be picked up and handled for general care and maintenance.  A bunny with one pink heart means they don’t enjoy being lifted.  A bunny with 4 pink hearts will crawl all over you and want to sit on your lap and chill with you.  A bunny with 5 pink hearts means they are  absolute cuddle bunnies and crave attention.  They fall asleep in your arms and may smother you with bunny kisses.

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