Available Bunnies

Bunnies are not just a pretty coat color here, each one is a special and unique individual. I urge you to explore each of them to find which bunny fits your lifestyle and cuddle style. UPDATE: Full profiles are written up when the bunnies are 5 weeks old, but lately most of our bunnies get reserved long before they reach 5 weeks old.

Come and meet your new fuzzy companion in person before you reserve! We are in Northern VA at 6704 Telegraph Road Cuddlybuns is happy to take our time to help educate your and your family about proper rabbit ownership. Call or Text today at 703-375-9407.

Also please be sure to read our sales policy page.

Scout is my favorite of Okaja’s babies. He started his life as shy and jumpy but with a little tender love and care he has become so sweet and affectionate. I love the way he snuggles with me in bed or how every time he is done playing he stays within an arms length of me. I adore his his bright blue eyes fall in contrast to his black coat. I’m really surprised no ones picked up this beautiful sweet boy yet! Nov 28th he may go home.

As Zippity’s name suggests she’s a tiny powerhouse of fun. Had a really hard time getting her to settle down for this picture.

Pebble is one of our few true dwarfs this fall, he is so small and sooo cute!!

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