Available Bunnies

Bunnies are not just a pretty coat color here, each one is a special and unique individual. I urge you to explore each of them to find which bunny fits your lifestyle and cuddle style.

Also please be sure to read our sales policy page.

Lychee’s First LITTER!

Lychee and Roomba’s first litter. She’s has been such a wonderful mom and is even a better companion. One of the sweetest and most gentle litters I’ve had yet! They are all so chill and cuddly in their own way.

Born: July 30th 2021.

Release: September 17th, 2021.

*Under observation*

Clem’s Fruit Basket

Clem’s babies have routinely come out to be just like their mother. If you want an intelligent, super funny, athletic, affectionate bunny that will always keep you on your toes this is the litter you want to keep an eye on.

Born: August 16th

May go Home: October 4th

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