Sales Policy

A step by step guide to how sales are done.

Please read my entire sales policy before contacting me, then if you have any further questions feel free to ask!

Step 1: Check and make sure you’re willing to travel the distance. I am located in Alexandria, Virginia.

Step 2: Reserve the bunny. While a reservation is not mandatory, a non-refundable $50 deposit does allow you to lock in your bunny. Once you have made your decision, I will send you a request via PayPal. The site will be updated and the bunny will be marked as reserved under your name.

Step 3: As the release date nears, contact me for a pick up time. The final payment must be made before or at the time of pick up. Currently I only accept cash and PayPal. Please do not forget to bring a carrier, I also will send them home with 2 large bags of starter food.

NOTE: I reserve the right to cancel any sale or delay the release of any rabbit. Should I find the baby rabbit unfit to be released near the time of pickup, I will inform you and give you the option to have a refund of your purchase. Each kit develops at its own speed and I want to ensure my rabbits embark on the journey to their new home in the best possible shape.


The price of our bunnies range from $400 – $500. We are not a cheap rabbitry we spend hundreds of hours ensuring each of our bunnies are very extremely socialized and very healthy. If you pay a premium price for a rabbit you should expect a premium bunny. We can proudly say we have never had a bunny returned or a bunny die.

Sales Policy

Reservations may be placed as soon as they are listed in the available bunnies page. In accordance with VA law no rabbits may go home before the age of 7 weeks. A $50 payment over PayPal will secure your reservation for the kit of your choosing, this is a non- refundable deposit. All purchases should be completed by the time you pick them up. I will hold your bunny for up to 7 days before they are re-listed if I do not hear from you after the release date and your deposit is non-refundable.


These bunnies are born and raised indoors so if you’re planning to keep your bunnies outside (which I advise against for health, safety and emotional well being of the bunnies), these Cuddle Buns aren’t for you. We spend a lot of time and care of these bunnies creating a loving and safe home for them and will only feel good knowing they are going to their new home that is the same kind of environment.


Please do your research before deciding take a pet rabbit and certainly before you pick up your new pet bunny. Rabbits are exotic animals and are very different from owning a cat or dog. Here’s a great resource for information about rabbits. We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have.


While rabbits may seem like an excellent way to teach your children responsibility they are not. They are intelligent, social, and emotional animals that require more care than young children may be able to provide. Rabbits are not like hamsters and mice, they require daily attention, monitoring, exercise and cleanliness. It is the responsibility of the parent to teach their children how to properly handle these delicate creatures. Failure to do so will result in tragedy and\or expensive medical bills. A rabbit is a family pet, not a child’s pet.

Other Pets

You must do your own research and evaluation to determine whether or not your current pet will accept a new rabbit in their home. You must provide a safe habitat or method of keeping your new bunny safe. Remember, rabbits are prey animals so they can scare easily and you don’t want to traumatize them by not carefully considering how to integrate them into your home with other pets, rabbits included.

If you plan to breed.

You must discuss with me if you are planning to breed our rabbit. We are an ethical rabbitry and do not support indoor or outdoor hutch breeding. We feel hutch breeding is cruel to the rabbits.

Note we currently do not offer pedigrees at this time.

You’re planning to bond.

If you are planning to bond your bunny to an existing rabbit at home you must notify me. Bonding is a complicated process and there are some bunnies that bond better than others. There is loads of bad information out there, I have come across many bad bunny match ups, in which one rabbit receives grievous wounds or the owners themselves. I can not in good conscience allow any of my bunnies to go into a potentially dangerous bond. We need to discuss the bonding process and come up with a plan for the health of both rabbits.

Under 18?

If you’re under 18 please provide proof of parental or guardian approval. How you get approval?

They can email me, they can call or text me, or they must be present with you at the time of pick up. Some places of residence do not approve of small animals, therefore it is important you discuss with your parent the process of bringing a new pet into your home.

What do my bunnies come with?

Bunnies go home with two bags of transitional hay. I do not offer transitional pellets, because I do not feed my babies pellets! I also offer a bag of fresh veggies for longer road trips (for hydration reasons).

You also have access to me as your personal bunny resource guide. Should you have any questions, comments of concerns about their behavior or health you can contact me anytime of the day. I care about my bunnies health even long after they have left my home.

Health Guarantee

My rabbits also come with a health guarantee for up to 3 months. I have never seen another breeder in the state of VA that offers a health guarantee. Cuddlybuns is this confident and is committed to ensure our bunnies remain happy and healthy.

Should your bunny become sick and perish through no fault of your own, I will offer you a replacement bunny in one of my upcoming litters. This mostly covers illnesses that are inherent to rabbits, such as Pasteurella, e cuniculi, coccidia, mucoid enteritis, and diarrhea. These are the biggest killers of young rabbits. Note: I’ve never had a bunny die in their new home.

As of 10-13-22 cuddlybuns no longer offers a health guarantee due to the the following reasons.

We have never had a baby bunny die to a pathogenetic disease which is often related to the unsanitary conditions in which the rabbit was raised in. We are happy to announce in our 2 1/2 years of business we have had ZERO bunnies die of diarrhea, snuffles or other pathological illnesses that seem to plague many new rabbit owners.

However we have had 3 young rabbits die due to traumatic impact related injuries. In each case a child between the ages of 5-12 had been left unsupervised with their baby bunnies and fatal injuries had occurred.


Outdoor visitations happen in my bunny run. Due to COVID visitation can only be made by appointment masks are mandatory, as well as hand sanitizer gels. I also provide hand sanitation wipes. The entire cuddly buns team is fully vaccinated.

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