From Anna!

I’ve had 2 pet bunnies prior to finding Cuddly Buns, and I can definitely tell the bunnies from Cuddly Buns were raised with lots of love and very good care. We first got our doe from them, who has the most loving and gentle temperament. She was, from day 1, and still is, perfectly litter box trained! She’s such a smart bun that learns new things each day, and which puts me in awe how bright happy this bunny is! She loves to come for pets on your lap, and runs around and shows us her binkies in the mornings and evenings. She’s such a joy to watch. We still felt bad she was alone, so we got our second bunny from Cuddly Buns, a darling buck who loves to give kisses and loves to take naps on me! He’s so sweet and gentle, but also such such explorer! He loves exploring new areas of the house, but when he’s ready for a nap he’ll come and flop over next to me, or sometimes on me! He’s the first one to greet people by sitting on your lap when you sit down on the couch. I can without a doubt see the difference between the bunnies I had before with these bunnies I have from Cuddly Buns by the way they’re coming to me for attention all the time, how happy they are, and how well potty trained they are! I’ve also asked so many questions (probably too many) and every time she’s answered all my questions patiently. All of the answers were extremely helpful and is helping me keep both my loving bunnies stay healthy and happy. She has great experience in holistic remedies and nutrition which I appreciate and agree with. I couldn’t say enough nice things for Cuddly Buns! After having met them, I can’t imagine bunnies being raised any other way.

Mocha (left) Mochi (right)

From Lisa

This is our third rabbit, but the first time we’ve bought from Syl at Cuddly Buns and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another rabbit from her. I can say, from experience, that buying a rabbit from a knowledgeable and gentle breeder is extremely important. Our first rabbit was handled, gently and correctly, from the time he was born. He is a friendly, social rabbit. Our second rabbit was purchased from a different breeder as the first one was no longer raising rabbits. She was a challenge from Day 1. She had been handled daily, the breeder proudly announced, by her children. Unfortunately, it was clear when we met to pick up the rabbit that the rabbits were not handled in a gentle manner. Rabbits can be fantastic pets for young children, but you have to know your children and teach them to handle the rabbits carefully. From the day we had her, our rabbit was very skittish. She didn’t like to be pet or handled in anyway. To top it off, she really wasn’t healthy (I attributed this to unsanitary conditions with the breeder) and required medications multiple times a day. A feat for an uncooperative rabbit. (Our male rabbit had a bout with GI stasis, but would sit patiently and lick the medicines off of the end of the syringes) Our female had two other illnesses and eventually passed away. She wasn’t even two years old. We came to Cuddly Buns to find a friend for our male rabbit. What a world of difference! Dixie is sweet, friendly and gentle. It’s clear that Syl has lovingly cared for her since she was born. In fact, when Dixie’s mother was unable to feed her litter, Dixie and her litter mates were hand fed by Syl. She was a tiny little thing when we got her and we thought she’d just be a bitty little rabbit. Don’t misunderstand, she was healthy and ready to go to her new home(she was eating well and growing), she was just going to be small. Well, she’s doing great. She loves to run around the house. She climbs all over our youngest son as though he’s her personal jungle gym. She’s gentle and sweet and not the least bit skittish. She’s also grown quite a bit and I’m not so sure she’s going to be terribly small after all. I firmly believe this is due to Syl’s experienced handling. She could have let nature take its course when the mother couldn’t feed the bunnies. She could have raised the bunnies in cages. But, her method is different than that and it makes a huge difference in the temperament of the rabbits.

Little Dixie as an Easter bunny!

From Lorita

I’m so glad that I found CuddlyBuns when I was looking for my perfect bunny! I’m super impressed with my baby bun Mango. She is very healthy and super cuddly and I can’t believe she’s doing so well with litter training. We litter trained her for 3 days and she didn’t have any accidents when we let her out to roam free. I’m so glad that she was raised with a healthy appetite for veggies and being comfortable with human touches. She loves chilling on my lap and sometimes even sleeps on me. I believe how the bunnies were raised plays a huge factor for their behavior and it truly shows with my Mango. Mango is my perfect baby bun and I love her to death! Thank you CuddlyBuns for raising the bunnies in a loving environment!

From Mikeka

The bunnies are adorable and they’re never really scared of anything. They love to be near me and honestly the website is amazing! I have adored having them around and they’re sweet and the hay starter thing was helpful :). Thank you for all the advice in getting the right things for them, it’s made it so much easier. And they’re so Friendly and cuddly!

Cocopuff (left) Simba (right)

From Sandy!

I’m 47 years old and for the first time in my life, I have a pet. My family has always had pets, but I never felt ready to commit to the full time care and attention a pet requires. And to be completely honest, my family is much more animal-oriented than I have ever been. All of that changed when I met Chunky, my cuddly bun. I met him early when he was just a small, chubby baby bun and he had the sweetest, cutest face and personality to match. He’s exceptionally outgoing, smart, relentlessly curious and of course hungry. He runs so fast and with such purpose, whether it’s to get a snack or to play with his toys, or just to sprint to a good nap spot. I don’t think I could ever have another pet besides a cuddly bun like Chunky. They just love to be loved and seeing his chubby little face throughout the day makes me smile.

https://youtube.com/shorts/Uh5O13WpaiE?feature=shareChunky, Mr. Cool

From Erica!

I am beyond happy that I went with cuddly buns. I’ve searched around, spoke to different breeders and cuddly buns seemed to have such amazing communication! She answered all my questions, responded quickly and gave me some really good advice. My goal was to welcome one bunny into our home but I couldn’t resist not getting a second one so here we are with two bonded bunnies! We absolutely love them! It is so obvious that they have been held often. We sit on the floor and they just come hopping all over us for kisses and attention!

I have told so many people about cuddly buns and will continue to do so! The time and care they put into them deserves recognition! Many breeders are about the money and that’s it! The way my bunnies are, it’s obvious that it’s beyond that!

A picture to show how much we love them!

From Cammy!

I wanted to reach out and thank you for giving us the sweetest, most confident and curious little bun I have ever seen. Tootsie, who we’ve taken to calling Bub, has settled in beautifully to his new life and loves racing around the room and hopping in our laps for cuddles. His personality blows me away – he runs across the room to greet anyone like a puppy. I attribute this to your breeding and socialization and want nothing other than a cuddle bun!

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