My Darling Curious and Crazy Clementine

Big Bun, Bigger Personality

Clem is the matriarch of this bunny family. She’s the first of 3 siblings that joined our family two years ago. She and her sister DJ have different personalities, different looks but they’re as emotionally bonded as my sister and I are as hooman sisters. Together they protect their families and territory, make time for naps, cuddles and of course snacks in equal measure.

DJ’s the smart quirky bossy sister. Clem is the insatiably hungry, curious daredevil sis.

From the moment little Clem came into our lives, she stole our hearts and kept us laughing with her antics. You don’t know if you’ll catch her in the act… you know, hanging off a ledge eyeing her target of a snack (mine or hers), making impossible leaps to get to a delicious pay off, etc. No risk is too large if there’s something yummy at play.

Little Clementine & DJ
She’s just so lovable and always hungry!

Clem’s outgoing and warm personality is often passed to her little ones. Some of our favorite funny and cuddly baby buns are from Clem. And like their mom, they often have adventurous spirits , loving personalities and of course a desire to find the next great snack!

“If I stay very still, they won’t notice I’m here in the TV stand searching for a snack…”

We love our Clem, even if she causes a little more chaos than your average bun. Her big warm heart and hilarious personality makes the extra clean ups from her misadventures worth it. And she continues to be a loving sister to DJ, mommy to her babies and fluffy matriarch to our Cuddly Buns clan.

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