Deciding to Bring Home a Rabbit?

Bringing home a pet rabbit can be a really enriching life experience. Their soft fur and twitchy noses are hard to resist. Even though these little furry friends are quiet, don’t mistake that for a lack of personality or charm!

Breed: The breed ultimately helps you find particular characteristics like size and grooming requirements.

Temperament: A vital concept when selecting a pet puppy but ignored in the rabbit trade. In reality rabbit personalities and temperaments are all across the board. The domestic rabbit has been bred for centuries and their breeding has been primarily been focused on meat and fur production. A good breeder can tell you which one of their bunnies are moody and which are friendly. When bringing a rabbit to a home with small children, it’s important you get one with a great temperament.

All of these little furries have different personalities

Socialization: Rabbits are a bit like cats, they are inherently fearful of people. With zero exposure to people they are fearful and fearful animals have been known to defend themselves. It is socialization that makes a great pet bunny. A well socialized pet bunny behaves more like a puppy; they circle your feet, beg, kiss, sleep on or next to you and want your attention. A poorly socialized rabbit will hide under furniture, they will shy away from being touched.

This is the first of a few posts we’ll share to help bunny curious folks like yourself when making the decision to add a bunny to your home. We decided to start this endeavor because we love animals so much and when I saw how few bunny breeders understood the nature of bunnies and how important it is to raise them ethically and with lots of love and care from day 1 of their lives, I wanted to change that.

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