” Silly Banana!.”

6-3-21: Bananas is a sweet boy who loves to crawl into laps. I love to hold and feed him, he is so easy to hold and is such a sweet boy. Now that his siblings have been adopted, he’s been very clingy to me.

Birthday: March 21, 2021.
Release Date: May go home today!
Coat Color: Fawn Otter
Eye Color: Blue-Grey
Gender: Boy
Parents: Clem and Choco
Temperament: Sweet, curious
Handleability: Easy to handle. Been tested by a 9 year old for cuddles!
Energy Level: Likes to binky in the evenings. Never climbs up on furniture, he’s very well behaved.
Cuddle Factor: I love to hold and hug him, he’s so chill.
Family Type: Perfect for any family type.
Social Preference: Now that most of his litter mates have been adopted Bananas has become very close to his handlers.


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