“Little bun, big love.”

Laid back and super sweet once he bonds with his hooman he really shows his love. No cuddle bunny enjoys pets more than little Blitzen. Once he jumps in lap he’s ready for a nice long petting session, he’ll happily take any love your willing to give him. He’s a super sweet low energy cuddly little guy! And I keep saying little because he was a runt of the litter and needed a little extra love to make it though the nurseing days.

Update 2/3/2021: Bunnies are such foodies it’s refreshing to come across on who loves pets as much as snacks! Oh I love tiny buns they are so cute and tiny and this ones going to stay itty bitty.

Watch Blitzen do the ole bink, flop, drop and roll.

Birthday: December 25, 2020.

Relase Date: Feburary 18, 2021. @7weeks old

Coat Color: VM Blue Tort

Eye Color: Blue Grey

Gender: Boy


Parents: DJ and Choco

Temperment: Docile and little shy, I suspect it will take him a little time to warm up but once he does you’ll see he’s a grade A cuddlebun!

Energy: Low.

Cuddibility: High, super chill. Rare to find bunny who loves pets as much as treats!


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