4-29-21: Cherry started as one of the more shy buns this litter. But as she got to know the cuddly buns team she’s really started to open up. She’d a little bit of a gluten, as I always find her munching on hay and she’s growing faster than the other bunnies. But endlessly hungry bunnies are easy to bond with as they will always be motivated to cuddle up for some snacks.

5-10-21: Cherry has improved so much since the team has given her one on one attention. She now happily sits in our laps when it’s time to cuddle. Holding her is a breeze and she approaches us constantly for snacks. Some bunnies are motivated by pets others a bit more by food. She likes to hang out in the same room as us and has really opened up. Once this girl finds her own human to give her the endless love and attention she wants I have a feeling your going to see a very sweet and cuddly bunny that will be easy to bond with. Some bunnies just don’t like to fight for attention. All of Clem’s babies have these great outgoing personalities and ones I’ve thought shy before were only like that until they got to their new forever home.

Birthday: March 21, 2021.
Release Date: May 12, 2021.
Coat Color: Broken Blue
Eye Color: Gray
Gender: Girl
Parents: Clem and Choco
Temperament: A little bit shy, independent, sweet and gentle.
Handleability: Best when approached slowly, she’s pretty flighty but once she realizes it’s you she comes back and is ready to interact. Easily lets you hold her for long periods of time. Happily crawls into laps now, as long as food in involved.
Energy Level: Likes to keep busy, loves to play any games involving food.
Cuddle Factor: Seen her a little bit more food motivated than affection motivated.
Family Type: Might do better in a calm and quite home or around older children.
Social Preference: She’s really come around to being a more social bunny, she now enjoys hanging out with me and the other bunnies and no loner spends all day in the hay feeder by herself. She still maintains the ability to spend some time by herself. Which is very good for people who may have to leave for work during the day time.


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