“Cute face, just want to kiss it all day!”

5-25-21: Naturally a bit skittish Chocolates finds courage in being around other bunnies. I’ve defiantly had to work hard at gaining his trust now he comes into my lap and begs for treats. I got to admit he’s got a super cute face and he lets me kiss it! I noticed he gets startled quite easily, not to be confused with fearful. He’s just a bit more on edge than the other bunnies and will probably do better in a quite household.

Birthday: April 4, 2021. Born on Easter!
Release Date: June 10, 2021.
Coat Color: Tort VM
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Boy
Parents: Minni and Choco
Temperament: Shy, skittish (not really of people but of loud sounds and strange things), chill
Handleability: Easy to handle. Not 100% sure if he actually enjoys it though.
Energy Level: Moderate, doesn’t climb or get into any trouble. Yet…
Cuddle Factor: Comes around mostly for treats.
Family Type: Might be better with an older caretaker. Would probably do best with another rabbit companion.
Social Preference: Bunnies and self.


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