“A shy little star.”

Comet is a shy little girl who mostly prefers the company of her (almost twin) brother Blitzen. I often find her alone in the rabbitry room and when I try to bring her back to the living room where most of social communing happens, she makes her way back to her nest box. She is shy and submissive and like most bunnies of this temperament they find it difficult to compete for the love of a humans. But about once a day I see she stops by to say hello with a friendly nose boop and perches on my lap for as long as there are treats flowing. She is a great low maintenance and makes an ideal candidate for a single bunny home.

Birthday: December 25, 2020.

Relase Date: Feburary 18, 2021. @7 weeks old

Coat Color: Brown Tort

Eye Color: Blue Grey

Gender: Girl


Parents: DJ and Choco

Temperment: Shy

Energy: Low

Cuddlability: She likes to stop by will perch on your lap for some pets and treats. She’s not a huge fan of being held.


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