” Happy puppybun.”

7-18-21: Puppy bun is always happy to greet everyone in the house and loves to run up to them with his little ears flopping in the wind. Every morning he is so happy to see me and dances around my feet. Loves loves loves to climb people and furniture. He has started to even give people little kisses now.

7-10-21: More energy than the energizer rabbit this little guy can be everywhere in the house at once. I started calling him Houdini at first because he always seem escape baby bunny locations and appear next to me. His need and sense for adventure is unparalleled, I never had a bunny just follow me right outside the house. Normally their sense of self preservation keeps them from wandering too far, he apparently has none.

He has what you call a novelty seeking personality, a very attractive personality trait for those who like to train animals to do more elaborate tricks. As the old proverb goes, ‘If at first you don’t succeed try try again.” This resonates with this bun very much. As far as cuddliness goes he gets happy and likes to dance around my feet, after climbing every object in the living room he then sits in my lap for a quick snack and massage then he is off again.

6-28-21: This bunny little bun is a great drop and flopper. Flops on me and flops on siblings so cute hope they stay this way in days to come!

Birthday: June 5, 2021.
Release Date: July 27, 2021.
Coat Color: Broken Blue Tort
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Boy
Parents: Clem and Roomba
Temperament: Playful, fearless, carefree
Handleability: Easy to handle, can get a bit wiggly when he wants down.
Energy Level: Maybe one of the highest I’ve seen in a long time.
Cuddle Factor: Uncountably anyone who takes the time to play with him you’ll forge a powerful bond.
Family Type: Great for any family type.
Social Preference: People, never see him spend much time with the other buns.


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