“Sweetiest little chonker out there.”

I have to admit, my family is REALLY going to miss this little guy. He has captured the hearts of everyone in my family. Little Cupid’s adorableness is matched only by his enthusiasm. He sprints towards you when you call him over, so you can reward him with cuddles, treats or kisses — he loves them all! When there are multiple people in the room he visits everyone and even offers strangers kisses. Gotta watch where you’re walking because he likes to follow you around the house and stand by your feet. He is very easy going and very forgiving and would do well in any family type. He is a big foodie at heart.

Edit 2/2/2012: Cupid refuses to leave laps, if you take him off he’ll jump right back in and offer loads of kisses. He also naps on laps and arms now, he is the ultimate cuddle bunny.

Birthday: December 25, 2020.

Relase Date: Feburary 17, 2021. @7 weeks old

Coat Color: Brown Tort

Eye Color: Brown

Gender: Boy


Parents: Clem and Choco

Temperment: Docile

Energy: High

Cuddlability: High, easy to pick up and hug, kiss and cuddle and will easily fall asleep in your arms.


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