“Mellow bunny.”

7-27-21: Little Danny is a chill little guy, he never causes any trouble and is very easy overall. He enjoys nice long pet sessions on your time. Pick him up and start petting and he turns to butter. An undemanding bunny is an easy bunny to care for and they tend to do a little better as a solo bun.

Birthday: June 7, 2021.
Release Date: August 5, 2021.
Coat Color: Blue Otter
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Male
Parents: Mini and Choco
Strongest Attributes: Calm and gentle.
Handleability: Easy to hold and loves to be pet.
Energy Level: So chill and low energy I don’t think I’ve even seen him binky yet.
Cuddle Factor: Bunnies that love pets have the potential to be great cuddle buns their need for physical touch brings them closer and closer.
Family Type: Suitable for all family types.
Social Preference: Bunnies over people so far.


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