“I like to zoom BinK, ZOOM!”

Much like her name implies, she likes to zoom! She was the first one out of the litter to run across the living room and she has explored more of the house than anyone else. She willingly jumps into laps and waits for pets or treats, if you take her out of your lap she’d run around the room then jump right back into your lap. So even though she’s a busy bunny dashing around, she always makes time for a loving cuddle.

Edit: 2/2/2021 Dasher is begining to show kisses as a form of affection. I love this because it is the ultimate expression of bunny love. Note: Many bunnies never reach this level of affection with humans.

Birthday: December 25, 2020.

Relase Date: Feburary 18, 2021. @7 weeks old

Coat Color: Blue Tort

Eye Color: Blue Grey

Gender: Girl


Parents: Clem and Choco

Temperment: Confident and Playful, forgives easily. Good bunny for any family type.

Energy: High, spends lots of time looking around the room, enjoys forageing games.

Cuddlability: Will jump into your lap when she wants attention. Easy to hold and smuther with love, untill shes ready to zoom again. Getting her to sit still might come as a challenge but I can tell she is full of love and will kiss anyone who spends the time to pet her while she sleeps.


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