“Bombastic Personality.”

9-5-21: She follows just about anyone around the house. She greets me every morning when I wake up and shadows me around the house taking a keen interest in everything I am doing. I watch the little cogs in her mind roll as she eye balls obstacles in her path and figures out how to climb up on the counters, even if it means using people as ladders. A happy Delphi sits up high on her perch and watching her younger siblings play below.

9-4-21: Adventurous and fearless she readily explores every new territory she enters and every new person she sees. Every time a new person stops by Delphi is the only one to go up to them, she boops them with her noes and pulls on their pants or shirt until she gets the attention she desires. She hops up on absolute strangers shoulders, this sort of social behavior is rarely seen in rabbits.

8-31-21: She may be sassy but it often shows in the way she demands attention. When I lay next to her she demands to to sit on me where she cuddles up on my neck and chest. Make sure you have tons of love to give this lil gal.

8-24-21: Bossy little gal has won over my heart. Love to pet her all night long and feel her tooth purr away. Her more unique patterning makes her stand out of the crowd.

Birthday:   July 30, 2021. 
Release Date: September 17, 2021.
Coat Color:   Tort VM
Eye Color:  Blue
Gender:  GIRL
Parents: Lychee and Roomba
Strongest Attributes:  Highly social, highly intelligent, highly curious
Handleability:  Easy to handle, will let you know when she doesn’t want to be held.
Energy Level:  Loves to run around and play. Most energetic in her little but its not a crazy amount.
Cuddle Factor:  Loves to just be around people, she likes to climb all over them, loves pets and attention.
Family Type:  Perfect for any family type, some bossy ladies can be a bit tricky when dealing with young kids.
Social Preference:  People and lots of them.


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