“Polite and Sweet.”

1-13-21: There is something very tender and sweet about this girl. She is cuddlybuns handler Tams favorite bunny this winter. She’s very respectful and well behaved unlike her crazy little brothers! You want a sweet and chill bun this is your gal.

12-24-21: I love how she treats me like furniture. Shameless and carefree she runs around the house like the boss stealing milk from other mommies whenever she gets the chance! She never lets another bunny get the last bite of parsley, she is cute strong and a fighter. When she wants attention she comes and sits by my feet, then I pick her up and let her fall asleep on the couch with me.

Birthday:  November 21 2021. 
Release Date: Jan 9 2022.
Coat Color:  Blue Fawn Harlequin VM
Eye Color:  Blue Grey
Gender:  GIRL
Parents: DJ and Choco
Strongest Attributes:  Brave and smart. She’s already trained me lol.
Handleability:  Easy to hold, until she doesn’t want to be held!
Energy Level:  Compared to her siblings she was the chill one.
Cuddle Factor:  While she’s easy to hold and cuddle I find letting her come to you on her time for snuggles is much better.
Family Type:  Suitable for any family type.
Social Preference:   People and Bunnies


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