“Sole Survivor.”

11-2-21: Imbued by the gods its a miracle that little Hercules is alive. His mother Okaja had a difficult time giving birth. Normally a rabbit spend 8-12 mins in labor, she spent 35 mins. All her babies were born lifeless and unbreathing. I rubbed them all vigorously trying to revive them, only one started to breath. But his first day of life wasn’t over yet, it was met with another challenge. As his mother attempted to give him his first milk he was to weak to latch and feed. As she left the nest I noticed he was lifeless again, he suffocated under her weight. By chance I manage to revive him again, he has died twice in one day. Since his mother felt no suckling she figured all her babies were dead, her milk dried out by the 2nd day. For now he is being hand reared and each day he is getting stronger and bigger.

11-23-21: Litter Hercules has nearly passed his trials and we expect a full recovery from this little hero. Snuffles isn’t going to slow this little hero down. Like the energizer bunny he keeps going and going and going! He loves to explore, play, binky at any moment and he gets super excite about everything! He hates to be on the floor by himself and rather be snuggled up against your chest or closed up in your jacket. There are a few rare cases where baby bunnies become fully dependent on a human for their needs and I am absolutely flabbergasted by how he turned out. I often tell people my bunnies see humans as giant rabbits, but I think Hercules see’s himself as a tiny human.

Birthday:  October 21, 2021. 
Release Date: To be decided
Coat Color:   Blue Otter White Ear
Eye Color:  Blue
Gender:  Boy
Parents: Okaja and Choco
Strongest Attributes: Ultra Cuddly! Never wants to be off laps.
Handleability:  Super easy!
Energy Level:  Very High
Cuddle: Wants to be held all day. Loves to give tons of bunny kisses!
Family Type:  Perfect for any family type
Social Preference: People over bunnies… I’ve actually seen him thump at his peers!


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