“Polite and Sweet.”

1-22-22: We’ve noticed Lollipop is a very empathic bunny, when people are happy he is happy! When his owners are sad he is sad. For this reason we will be screening all potential adoptees to make sure he will suit that home well!

1-13-22: The craziest sweetest little boy beauty you can love. Everyone who stops by falls in love with his charismatic personality. He is a super puppy bun who loves everyone he meets. He sits on my shoulder like a little bird, jumps on my lap, sits on my keyboard; if I dare try to ignore him.

Watch him dangle on grandmas arm!! LOL XD You cant play candy crush!!

Birthday:  November 21 2021. 
Release Date: Jan 9 2022.
Coat Color:  Blue Fawn Harlequin VM
Eye Color:  Blue Grey
Gender:  BOY
Parents: DJ and Choco
Strongest Attributes:  I don’t give him attention, he GIVES ME ATTENTION.
Handleability:  Very easy to handle even for longer periods at a time.
Energy Level:  VERY HIGH, very smart and good escape artist.
Cuddle Factor:  He loves attention of any sort, pets, hugs, and treats.
Family Type:  Suitable for any family type.
Social Preference:   People and Bunnies


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