“So soft and floppy.”

2-24-21: It’s hard to go wrong with this sweet and beautiful girl. You pick her up and she just melts into your hands, she is so chill and gentle. Her white ears, pink nose, blue eyes and orange eyeliner makes her a beauty to behold. So far she has been a sweet and gentle little lady.

2-28-21: A very chill and laid back girl, not to demanding of attention. However if you want to cuddle, pick her up and place her on your chest she won’t fuss, she’ll just take a nice nap as you stroke her soft fur. She is very forgiving of and would be suitable for any family type.

3-25-21: Sweet Lychee is a super sweet and floppy little bun. She has a laid back personality and I often find her flopped all over the house. When she really gets lovey she gives sweet little bunny kisses. During the day she likes to stay in the same room as my mother or me, often hanging around my feet or snuggled up with the other bunnies. I have a feeling I’m going to regret letting this gentle and beautiful girl go, she is amazing! And I still might change my mind so grab her fast! 😛

4-13-31: Lychee was briefly adopted by a family and treated poorly for a day. I’m happy to say she’s fully recovered and stuffers no long lasting ill effects from being bathed. ~.~ Lychee is a sweet and undemanding girl she is very capable of spending long hours to herself. When she’s ready to interact she come and give you little noes boops hello.

Birthday: January 25, 2021.
Release Date: Lychee may go home today.
Coat Color: VM Orange Charlie
Eye Color: Blue
Gender: Female
Parents: Clem and Choco
Temperament: Floppy chill bunny, she is so laid back and easy going. Can tell she’s a very emotional chill bun, she’s always in a nice flopped position.
Energy: Low
Cuddly: Fairly independent, doesn’t require a great deal of attention.
Family: Gets along with people and bunnies. Would do well with any family type. Many times I’ve caught her separating herself form the other bunnies, which may make her a great candidate for people who are looking for a single bunny.
Super docile, never kicks, digs, scratches or bites.
Dominance: Seems to be on the submissive side.


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