Mama Nini

” Lovely, sweet, and sensitive.”

3-25-21: It is time for this beautiful Mama to retire from the cuddly buns program. I purchased her from a breeder when she was 8 weeks old. The biggest reason I’m re-homing her is because she ‘s a bit of an outcast in a colony setting. It took her months to get comfortable with the other does, but even now I have this feeling that they mostly tolerate her and do not embrace her into the colony. She’s not big on social grooming and that frustrates the other members of the colony.

It took me a while to build her trust but once I had it I could see she was a soft and tender soul. She’s gentle, shy and dislikes conflict which I find has made her a poor companion to other more spunky colony mates. When she was younger she’d give little grooming kisses, but it’s been a long time since I’ve really seen her happy. Hence my desire to rehome her.

She litter trained perfectly and even through her pregnancy she was very good at keeping all her pee and 95% of her poops in the litter box. I also believe due to her good manners, low hormonal tendencies and excellent litter habits she probably wont need to be spayed. I do believe she might do best in a single bunny home.

Not in a rush to rehome her, I will be picky about which home she enters due to her odd social preferences. If your interested in Nini please send me an email as to why you think your home might be a good fit.

Birthday: July 2, 2021.
Release Date: April 17, 2021. (During the time her babies may go home.)
Coat Color: Black Seal
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Girl
Parents: Nini and Choco
Temperament: She will start shy maybe even for a while. She is a sensitive who dislikes confrontation and is very submissive. She is very independent and well behaved, never had any problems with her chewing on furniture, shaking gates, or climbing up objects.
Handleability: Can be picked up but is not a fan of excessive handling and will kick if you try to flip her. Ever since she was a baby she never liked being held, but it’s part of my belief that every bunny should be easy to handle enough so you can clip their nails and brush the loose fur off their bellies for it is in the best interest of their health.
Energy Level: For the most part she is very low in energy and gladly spends her day just chillin. If you want to see her binky, show her a shaggy rug or let her loose on a fresh patch of grass during an overcast day.
Cuddle Factor: She’ll hop up in your lap when she wants treats but other than that she’s not demanding. She never demands anything from me, instead is pleasantly grateful if given treats or a lil pets.
Family Type: She is very sensitive and can frighten easily. She will do best in a home that is quiet and calm.
Social Preference: She prefers to spend time to herself. Even when I first picked her up, I saw 8 kits of all ages huddled up and little Nini was all by herself. Not much as changed since she was a baby, she really likes to be alone.


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