“Looking for a human to bond with.”

Let’s start off with a tiny story about Mini’s little babies. Being a first time mama she did a great job but around the 2-3 week mark her milk production suddenly dropped off. Nothing can compare to mothers milk, but the human mothers here at cuddlybuns supplemented the best we could feeding them milk by hand twice a day. As a result her babies have missed a few vital growing stages early in life, which means many may stay runty never reaching their full size. They are excellent bottle feeders, which can come in handy should your bunny ever need critical care or medications in life.

All my bunnies enjoy a good pet session.

3-23-21: This little guy is showing signs of bonding. Everyday he sits by my mothers feet and even when she is gone he sits by her couch waiting for her to wake up in the mornings. So sweet, this little guy needs someone to love him back furever! It’s not everyday I come across a bunny who wants to bond with a person over any of the bunnies in the colony. A bunny who bonds to people means they follow you from room to room and generally they want to have access to you 24:7 and do best in a free roam habitat. They get worried when your gone and overjoyed when you return. We like to pick him up and give him tons of kisses because he loves it.

Birthday: January 29, 2021.
Release Date: May go home today!
Coat Color: Blue Otter
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Boy
Parents: Minni and Choco
Temperament: Used to be very independent then started to become quite clingy after he learned the joy of human love!
Energy: Less energetic these days more into just chillin and hanging with his people.
Cuddly: Wants to be with you all day.
Family: Would do best in a home where someone is at home all day.


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