“Powerhouse of love and fun!”

Let’s start off with a tiny story about Mini’s little babies. Being a first time mama she did a great job but around the 2-3 week mark her milk production suddenly dropped off. Nothing can compare to mothers milk, but the human mothers here at cuddlybuns have supplemented the best we could feeding them milk by hand twice a day. As a result her babies have missed a few vital growing stages early in life , which means many may stay runty never reaching their full size. They are excellent bottle feeders, which can come in handy should your bunny ever need critical care or medications in life.

3-2-21: Nala wont leave us alone! This hungry little baby is such a little foodie, it’s helped her catch up in size and I feel like she’ll be ready to go home on time. She lays in my lap daily needing no incentive to be there. After a nice game of forage she really enjoys a good round of binkies. Were still waiting for her ears to lop. Like all of Minni’s babies this litter they are super easy to handle, and extremely trusting , they love to cuddle.

Birthday: January 29, 2021.
Release Date: March 18 2021. Has a great apatite for hay, veggies and water, I am no longer worried about her, she may go home now!
Coat Color: Blue
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Girl
Parents: Minni and Choco
Temperament: Energetic when food is around!
Energy: Fairly High, she keeps busy!
Cuddly: Very cuddly they see people as mother figures and come to your for affection and food many times a day.
Family: Any family with a runt should always take special care of their tiny companions, their small size makes them more delicate. She would be perfect for any family type.


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