” Sweetest little smush.”

3-25-21: Nature: This sweet girl was the second bunny to approach us out of Nini’s litter. She has always been a sweet little ball of fluff. She never tries to get away when I pick her up and load her up with kisses! She loves some drive by pets, as she stares up at you all twinkly eyed. Such a sweet little smoosh.

She likes pets. : )

4-6-2021: The moment you sit down little Neptune is ready to jump into your lap. While most of the day is rather chill, she really does enjoy her morning binks and zooms. She’s inherited her mothers super soft and dense coat, it’s like stroking a cloud. Sometimes when we hang out she gives me teeny tiny bunny kisses.

Birthday: February 28, 2021.
Release Date: April 17, 2021.
Coat Color: Black / Dark Seal
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Girl
Parents: Nini and Choco
Temperament: Sweet and gentle girl, gives kisses.
Handleability: 10/10 Smushy little smush, never fusses or struggles to get out of my hands, doesn’t even care when I have to brush her belly.
Energy Level: This bunny loves her morning binkies outside every morning.
Cuddle Factor: Can hold her in your arms forever, she loves it.
Family Type: Perfect for any family type, she is so sweet and easy to handle.
Social Preference: People and Bunnies!


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