Oliver and Willow

Along with being a rabbitry Cuddlybuns is also a rescue group taking a few bunnies in at a time and making sure they are find their way back into loving homes!


Willow was surrendered to us in spring of 2020 because her owner said her rabbit didn’t like her and would run away as soon as she entered a room. But in reality Willow ran anytime anyone approached her, she had become afraid of being picked up. She’d run so fast that she’d slam into walls and other obstacles trying to get away, which was definitely not good for her health. So part of her rehabilitation was getting her to trust people more. We introduced her to the colony and let social learning do most of the work. Seeing how much our bunnies enjoyed people she quickly came around to trusting people. Though she is still easily spooked sometimes so I recommend she goes to a home that is calm and quiet. In order to keep her trust with people in a positive direction it’s important that you don’t pick her up or chase her around, unless it’s time to clip her nails, brush her fur or some other emergency. Then in time you will find she will come up to you for treats and some head pets.

It took a few weeks but she finally trusts us!

Willow has been de-sexed, is micro chipped and is vaccinated against RHDV as of 2022. Her coat is known as Blue Otter Holland Lop, and has Blue Gray eyes. She is currently bonded to Oliver who gives her all the love and attention she wants. She has always been with other rabbits and seeing how quickly she bonded with JayJay, Oliver and our colony we feel its best she have a companion for the rest of her life.


This sweet boy was surrendered to us in spring as well, he had been living as a solo bun for the first year of his life. When Oliver met Willow it was clear he had been looking for somebunny to love! It was love at first sight with honks, dances and kisses, with a little training he had him acting like the perfect husbun!

What a perfect gentlemen!

He is a tiny and outgoing little guy who likes to honk and dance around our feet! His last owner loved to hold him on her chest and he would give her lots of sweet bunny kisses. Oliver is one sweet bunny.

PRICE $250

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