“Pick me up and love me!”

4-16-22: Ollie is a bunny who actually seems to enjoy being picked up and hugged. He is a grade a cuddle bun, when he wants attention he stands up right at your feet and looks up at you. He even loves cuddles from complete strangers and melts into their hands. These kinds of bunnies that desire lots of attention don’t do well alone for long periods of time. Please consider then when requesting Ollie as we can tell he will be a very attention needy bun bun. Or please consider getting him a companion bun.

Birthday:  3-2-22
Release Date: May Go home today
Coat Color:   Black and White White Ear
Eye Color:  Blue
Gender:  Boy
Parents: Okja and Choco
Strongest Attributes: Sweet, gentle, patient
Handleability:  Easy to hold and cuddle.
Energy Level:  Needy little bun bun.
Cuddle: Loves attention and loves to be around people. Loves to be picked up and hugged, then put down then picked up again. LOL
Family Type:  Perfect for any family.
Social Preference: People and bunnies


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