“Sweetest Little Guy!”

July 2th 2022: Pansey’s gofundme has gone live. Follow the link to learn more about Pansey’s story and how to you can help support this baby bunny!

4-27-22: It’s not very often we get a disabled bunny here at cuddly buns but when we do we treat them just like every other bunny. Most breeders would cull imperfect bunnies because they see them as imperfect here we know he is perfect just the way he is.

Condition: Pansey contacted e cunculiai in utero, a rare occurrence but sometimes it happens. While he was a baby his body had no immune system to defend itself from this natural pathogen. So the pathogen manifested in his eye and caused him to be blind in this one eye. The eye is stuck dilated so it’s important he remain in a more dimly lit environment as bright lights are stressful to him. Currently on glaucoma medication to help with the swelling in the eye in requires 1 drop in each eye ideally 3 times a day. Hopefully the inflammation will clear up to the point he no longer needs medication but for now we don’t know. Now that he is older hopefully his immune system can help suppress this pathogen naturally. His Dr is at Stahl’s Exotics in Fairfax and it would be ideal that he go back to the Dr that already knows his condition.

Personality: He is so sweet and cuddly, the moment I hold him he melts onto my chest and feels comfortable enough to take a nap there. He knows he is blind and is defiantly more timid when exploring new territories. He feels best when he is in the company of people or bunnies, I rarely see him adventure out on his own so a companion would be ideal for him. But he is just as happy and as interactive as other bunnies doing binkies when he wakes up and begging for treats and pets.

Adoption: The normal price of our bunnies is $400, his price has been reduced to $100 because we want his new owner to be able to put the cost towards his future care.

Birthday:  3-30-22
Release Date: 5-18-22
Coat Color:   Otterized Broken Tort
Eye Color:  Blue
Gender:  Boy
Parents: Lychee and Choco
Strongest Attributes: Sweet, gentle, patient
Handleability:  Easy to hold and cuddle.
Energy Level:  Chill energy.
Cuddle: Loves to snuggle.
Family Type:  Someone who is ready to take care of a disabled rabbit.
Social Preference: People and bunnies


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