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4-28-21: Pawpaw was born with an injury on her tail, therapy to fix her little tail was anything but comfortable. Yet through all the hurt she endured she still found it in her heart for forgive her human handlers. Not all bunnies forgive and it is because of this special trait I find her special. Some sensitive bunnies don’t forgive easily and become more difficult to bond with. A bunny who forgives is great for people who are new to rabbits. She is undemanding of attention but when I take the time to pet her I see she enjoys it and even tooth purrs easily.

Sometimes shy bunnies are only shy in colony settings, it’s like they have a hard time competing for human attention over the other bunnies. I have a feeling once she finds her new mommy or daddy you will see an entirely different and more affectionate side to her. As this often seems to be the case with my bunnies that I might classify as more aloof. As long as they enjoy being handled and loved it’s usually a good sign their not actually aloof but just shy.

Birthday: March 21, 2021.
Release Date: May 12, 2021.
Coat Color: VM Black
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Girl
Parents: Clem and Choco
Temperament: Forgiving, calm, easy going.
Handleability: Very easy to handle, takes grooming very well. Shows zero sensitivity to tail being handled.
Energy Level: Fairly laid back little bunny. Enjoys just loafing around on perches.
Cuddle Factor: Not to demanding of attention, but when I pick her up and take her to the couch for a cuddle session she doesn’t resist and instead just seems to soak up the love.
Family Type: Great for any family type, especially younger children and people new to rabbit ownership.
Social Preference: Highly independent but and seems to fit well into any social situation. She spends time with bunnies and people but doesn’t seem to mind spending hours alone.


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