“My little stalker.”

Mango loves to run and play. She definitely binkies and zooms the most in this litter. She is an absolute joy to watch. Sweet and reserved she enjoys the occasional petting her needs for attention are minimal. She is a great low maintenance bunny who really loves the company of other bunnies.

I call her my little stalker because once you start to bond with her she follows you everywhere (even the bathroom lol)! If I sit on the floor she’ll hop in my lap for pets and treats. She doesn’t like to be alone and would do best in a free roam house or with another bunny. Though she is not demanding of attention she likes to be in the same room as you. She really strikes me a bit as a 1 person bunny, she’ll pick her favorite person and become very close with them.

3-5-21 I hope your heart can handle this sort of cuteness.

Yep that’s how she stands watching you all day… can you keep your heart from melting?
One of those cute stand over you and watch sort of teddybear buns.

Majestic Bird Bun

Birthday: January 25, 2021.
Release Date: March 18, 2021.
Coat Color: VM Blue Tort
Gender: Girl
Parents: Clem and Choco
Temperament: Sensitive and
Energy: Average. Likes to binky on occasion other than that she’s fairly well balanced.
Cuddly: Will spend time in your lap for some pets and treats. Will stay in the same vicinity as you because she likes company.
Family: Likes the company of bunnies slightly more than people. Dislikes being alone and prefers to be treated gently. Someone with a gentle touch would do best with her.


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