“Puppy Bun Alert.”

2-24-21: Peaches is such a sweet little cuddle bun. If your sitting on the ground she’ll jump right into your lap and take a nap there, and some soft pets will keep her there forever. She is a very easy going bun and down for a little cuddle time whenever you want, however she dislikes being cradled. She is very sweet to other buns and would a terrific addition to any family type.

2-28-21: Peaches is extremely friendly and wants to say hello to everyone. Only second to a yummy treat is some pets. Sometimes if I give other bunnies too much attention she’ll jump right up on my shoulder, and smush her lil face against my cheek.

4-13-2021: Peaches was removed from my listing for a bit due to a bite injury ton the bottom on her tail. I’m happy to say the injury has new skin on it and she has fully recovered and is ready for her forever home.

Sweet and beautiful Peaches has started to mellow out quite a bit and she’s become quite the attention hog. She loves to give people even strangers kisses for attention. In the mornings I let her outside where she binkies in the morning sun. After a round of fun she likes to cuddle up in the living room with the other bunnies. When it comes to other bunnies she has shown herself to be rather submissive and very good in a colony setting. She’d make a perfect companion for any bunny as she will bond easily due to her great bunny social skills.

Many of these daily! Nothing seems to hold her back from having a good time.

Birthday: January 25, 2021.
Release Date: April 1st.
Note: Was kept longer for observation due to a bite on her tail, even after being injured she was binkying the next day, she is beautiful, strong, and resilient.
Coat Color: VM Otter Orange
Eye Color: Blue
Gender: Girl
Parents: Clem and Choco
Temperament: Gentle and outgoing, loves to meet new people.
Energy: Loves to binky, loves the morning sun. Does like to climb furniture a little bit.
Cuddly: Loves to sit in laps and jumps up on shoulders! She is not a fan of being picked up and may squirm if you attempt to trance her.
Family: Would do well with any family type. Does especially well with bunnies and people.
Dominance: Somewhere in the middle not to high not to low.


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