“The Pants are on.”

This little bun has been running around since the moment his lovely blue eyes opened. Most rabbits are homebodies by nature and every so often one is born with a great sense of adventure and celebration (that’s why he’s always dressed in black tie formal). If you’ve ever dreamt of taking your little fuzzy companion for a walk or stroll on the beach you definitely want a bunny like little Plum! Little Plumkin is very patient with heavy handling and would be happy in any family. Unlike other buns, he’s dressed in his black pants every day! Sometimes when I lay down he gives me drive-by kisses, what a sweet little guy!

Hands down one of the best picks of this litter, he is so gentle and so social. He likes to spend his whole day with everyone in my family, if you sit on the floor he’ll just jump in your lap and hang out. He also likes to give bunny kisses, I can tell he is so full of love. He is so trusting it only takes him a moment to warm up to people. As outgoing as he is, he doesn’t get into a lot of mischief.
Not much else to say about him, he is pick of the litter, playful, curious, gentle, forgiving and kissy.


omg he is so cute, so outgoing, so fearless!

Birthday: January 25, 2021.
Release Date: March 18, 2021. @7weeks
Coat Color: VM Broken Black “He’s got little black pants on!”
Eye Color: Blue
Gender: Boy
Parents: Clem and Choco
Temperament: Super sweet, docile and very trusting.
Energy: Active, likes to keep busy.
Cuddly: If you sit on the floor this bunny will sit in your lap.
Family: Perfect for any family type. He prefers the company of people over bunnies and would be completely fine in a single bunny home.


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