” Looking for someone to bond with.”

She’s got a little white spot on her chin and forehead as well.

3-25-21: Nature: She doesn’t like to stray to far from the bunny room, which is pretty normal for girls. There is a sweet and gentle shyness to her. She is more timid than the other bunnies in the litter; loud sounds and fast objects will send her fleeing to the nearest corner, but she quickly recovers. When handled she is like putty, relaxed and trusting. It is easy to get her to sleep on your chest and tooth purr contently.

4-6-21: Pluto has broken free of her shyness and has really come around to being a great cuddle bun. She happily jumps on your lap the moment you sit down. On occasion even loves to give bunny kisses, a more rarer form of affection a rabbit can show their owners. It’s hard to tell but she has a blue spot in each brown eye, it gives her photos a little twinkle look in her eyes. She got her mothers dense and lovely fur coat.

2-28-21: Now that her litter mates are gone she’s really come around to be a super sweet and cuddly bunny. Whenever I’m hanging with the other bunnies she leans against my leg. At night time she likes to sneak out of the bunny colony and sleep under my bed. Would love for her to find someone to bond with soon! She’s become such a sweetie.

Birthday: February 28, 2021.
Release Date: April 17, 2021.
Coat Color: VM Seal (Look at Mama Nini for reference of adult coat, like hers but probably a bit darker.)
Eye Color: Marbled eyes. A spec of blue in each eye.
Gender: Female
Parents: Nini and Choco
Temperament: Good and sweet girl, loves snack time!
Handleability: 8/10 Easy to hold, groom and cuddle. As she gets older she’s starting to tell me when she’s done being cuddled.
Energy Level: Fairly low energy level, she is laid back like her mother and sister.
Cuddle Factor: Loves to be picked up and fed by hand.
Family Type: Perfect for any family type.
Social Preference: Starting to prefer the company of people over bunnies.


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