“Loves to be loved just like any other bunny.”

1-5-22: Cuddlybuns is a no cull rabbitry which means we don’t kill our imperfect bunnies. Popeye is our first bunny born with congenital glaucoma, it is located in his right eye, so he is basically blind in that eye. We strongly believe that all bunnies deserve a chance a life and that every bunny deserves a loving home. He is normal in every other way. But not everyone is ready to take on a disabled bunny. Prices for disabled rabbits are reduced , not because we feel they are worth less but because we understand that cost of life long care will be greater and this is our way of taking the heroic bunny parent who is willing to care for them.

What to expect as his Bunny Parent: He often positions herself in a way where she can see the world out of her good eye. He more likely to be startled for this reason we would greatly like it if he had a companion as this way he may rely on their confidence to live a more stress free life. He may require more vet visits than a healthy bunny due to his eye condition. A vet may prescribe daily eye drops or even surgery down the line. A disabled rabbit generally requires more care and costs more and we want his future bunny parent is aware of that.

We love Popeye he is as sweet and snuggly as they get. He knows he’s different from other bunnies, he’s already become quite submissive and grooms the other bunnies around him. He also gives his handlers tons of kisses and loves to stay cuddled with us??(for safety??) I almost never find him sitting alone. He is slow to explore new environments.

Birthday:  Nov 25, 2021. 
Release Date: Jan 14, 2022.
Coat Color:   Broken Black Otter (Spotted)
Eye Color:  Brown
Gender:  Boy
Parents: Clem and Choco
Strongest Attributes: Snuggly, Gentle, Submissive
Handleability:  Easy to handle.
Energy Level:  Low, I expect it to rise at least a little bit!
Cuddle: Loves to be snuggled.
Family Type:  Perfect for any family.
Social Preference: People and bunnies


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