“Little Princess”

This lovely little lady knows she’s cute and isn’t afraid to prance around and exploit it! I call her princess because she’s a sassy little lady and has no problem bossing me around. She’ll let me know when to stop the pets or snack. She so bossy, it’s charming!

Edit: 2/4 This funny little princess has no problem stepping all over me, literally the moment I sit down she jumps on my lap then tries to climbs up to my shoulder. No concept of personal space with this lil lady.

Birthday: December 25, 2020

Relase Date: Feburary 18, 2021. @7weeks old

Coat Color: Blue Otter

Eye Color: Brown

Gender: Girl


Parents: DJ and Choco

Temperment: Sassy! Bossy! She makes me laugh so much shes so tenacious.

Energy: High, Loves the ball pen and puzzle games.

Cuddlability: High, easy to pick up and hug, kiss and cuddle. But when it’s time for her to zoom around the room best let her do what she wants, shes the boss!


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