Pu Ehr

“Smooshy McSmooshy Face”

1-4-22: This sweet fuzz ball loves to spend time with her human family. We like to just smush her into our jackets and walk around the house with her or sometimes we use her as the worlds smallest neck pillow and she’s cool with that.

I just find her places like this and it cracks me up!

Birthday:  Nov 25, 2021. 
Release Date: Jan 14, 2022.
Coat Color:   Black Otter
Eye Color:  Brown
Gender:  Girl
Parents: Clem and Choco
Strongest Attributes: Snuggly, Excitable, Binky-Machine
Handleability:  Easy to handle.
Energy Level:  One of the fastest to warm up to new environments and explore.
Cuddle: Loves to jump on anyone’s lap and hang with them.
Family Type:  Perfect for any family.
Social Preference: People and bunnies


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