” Laid Back & Cuddly”

Let’s start off with a tiny story about Mini’s little babies. Being a first time mama she did a great job but around the 2-3 week mark her milk production suddenly dropped off. Nothing can compare to mothers milk, but the human mothers here at cuddlybuns have supplemented the best we could feeding them milk by hand twice a day. As a result her babies have missed a few vital growing stages early in life , which means many may stay runty never reaching their full size. They are excellent bottle feeders, which can come in handy should your bunny ever need critical care or medications in life.

3-4-21: A little shy at first, once he warms up he likes to hang out. One of the funniest things he does is climb up your leg like a squirrel, because when jumping fails.. climb? Looks odd seeing a bunny climb that way. Due to his high energy nature I suspect he will remain a little runty.

3-13-21: Waiting for his ears to lop. Sweet little boy who enjoys cuddles during his down time. He’s a lovable little guy who enjoys delicious treats of fresh veggies and an occasional rabbit pellet and of course a good cuddle.

Pumbaa is a sweet and docile lil doll to hold.

3-23-21: Now that most of this litter is gone this shy little sweetie has shown me his soft side. No longer having to compete for my attention I can see he is a real sweetie. When I take a nap I’m often surprised to see he has come to sleep on my back or is leaning next to my leg. When I hold him my arms tire before his needs for cuddles are filled.

I’d be surprised if this lil guy breaks 2 1/2 lbs he’s going to be a micro lop! One ear has finally lopped and I’m sure the other will as well, since he is a boy. He’s just the most laid back and sweetest little fella. Not super needy but definitely appreciates a cuddle. It’s impossible not to fall in love with his sweet face.


Birthday: January 29, 2021.
Release Date: May go home today!
Coat Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Boy
Parents: Mini and Choco
Temperament: Like many of Mini’s buns, very sweet and sorta clingy. A little bit shy at first. Easy going and extra easy to handle, never squirms or wriggles.
Energy: Rare to come across a bunny who is high energy and easy going enough for long cuddle sessions. Love to watch him binky.
Cuddly: Seems to like company, if he’s not leaning against my foot then he’s cuddled up with the other bunnies. I almost never see him alone.
Family: Very well mannered and gentle bunny, even a baby could hold him.

Pumbaa Loves A Good Snack
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