” A tiny lil Raisin.”

6-28-21: This bunny was born a little runty and is a bit behind. Sleepy little Raisin is always sleeping on or next to me. What’s with DJ’s litter being such sleepy heads! Rest of the babies are off playing while this lil one catches up in Zzzz’s..

7-7-21: This little guy has finally hit his active phase. He loves to binky and play, his side binkies are so cute. He has shown a rather independent personality type, often I find him hanging out by himself. He enjoys the pets I give him but he never comes up and asks for them. This low maintenance bunny will be perfect for someone looking for a fuzzy companion to just have around the house.

Birthday: June 5, 2021.
Release Date: July 29, 2021.
Coat Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Boy
Parents: DJ and Roomba
Temperament: Chill, Independent
Handleability: Not a huge fan of being handled, but all my bunnies can be handled easily for general maintenance so you can brush them and clip their nails.
Energy Level: Moderately low.
Cuddle Factor: Likes to be pet but you need to go to him.
Family Type: Great for any family type.
Social Preference: Bunnies > Independent I’ll be working on changing that!


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