“Happy happy girl.”

7-27-21: Rose is such a beautiful and happy girl. Every time I see her she’s doing the world’s cutest binkies. Definitely the happiest bunny I’ve had in a while, nothing seems to bring her down. Even when she’s all alone in some obscure part of the house she’s binkying off the walls! She loves to run up to me and stand on her little hind legs and beg for treats and attention.

Birthday: June 7, 2021.
Release Date: August 5, 2021.
Coat Color: Orange VM
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Female
Parents: Mini and Choco
Temperament: Energetic, intelligent and playful.
Handleability: Gets a bit wiggly when she’s not in the mood to be held.
Energy Level: A bouncy and happy little girl.
Cuddle Factor: On occasion she likes to cuddle up next to me and take a nap next to me. Super loving girl gives kisses and boops me all the time.
Family Type: Suitable for all family types.
Social Preference: People and Bunnies


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