“Cuddle Ball.”

9-7-21: A cute little fuzzy ball of energy but once he’s done his little laps around the living room he jumps into our laps for attention and cuddles. He’s very curious and often follows our team around the house to see what were doing. He follows us like a little shadow, and you know he wants attention when he stand there on his little back feet looking up at you.

Birthday:   September 3, 2021. 
Release Date: October 22, 2021.
Coat Color:   Harlequinized Black Otter
Eye Color:  Brown
Gender:  GIRL
Parents: Mini and Roomba
Strongest Attributes:  Curious, cuddly and playful.
Handleability:  Easy to handle for the most part, can get a bit wiggly when he’s not in the mood to be held.
Energy Level:  Moderately high but doesn’t jump all over the furniture (yet).
Cuddle Factor:  He’s the sort of bunny who will want to be around you all day.
Family Type:  Suitable for any family type.
Social Preference:  People over bunnies.


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