“Super Chill.”

Let’s start off with a tiny story about Mini’s little babies. Being a first time mama she did a great job but around the 2-3 week mark her milk production suddenly dropped off. Nothing can compare to mothers milk, but the human mothers here at cuddlybuns have supplemented the best we could feeding them milk by hand twice a day. As a result her babies have missed a few vital growing stages early in life , which means many may stay runty never reaching their full size. They are excellent bottle feeders, which can come in handy should your bunny ever need critical care or medications in life.

3-4-21: Sarabi has been recovering well and is on her way to becoming a normal healthy bun. She like all of Mini’s babies enjoys some cuddly lap time. She is a very chill girl with fairly low energy and needs. While she is very open to meeting new people and asking them for pets and treats her real personality will show once she gets to know you better. When she wants pets she places her little face into the palm of your hand.

3-12-21: Sarabi is such an easy going girl. Appears to have medium long hair and is extra silky because of it. She is a all around good bunny. She is extraordinarily easy to handle, holding her is like holding a floppy ball of fluff, she just sort of melts into the contours of your fingers, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her wriggle in protest. Her personality would make her a great bunny for younger kids, which cant be said of all rabbits. I also love how expressive her face is, the way her colors and deep set eyes are it makes her very fun to photograph.

Birthday: January 29, 2021.
Release Date: March 19 2021. Sarabi now eats and drinks independently and quickly catching up to her ideal size.
Coat Color: Chinchilla – One of the more rare Holland Lop coat colors.
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Girl
Parents: Minni and Choco
Temperament: Nice little couch potato. Easy to care for, fairly independent would a good option for someone who can’t spend all day with their bun.
Energy: Low energy. Don’t even think I’ve seen her binky or zoom yet lol.
Cuddly: Comes by once a day for pets and treats.
Family: Extra docile great for any family type. Great for someone who’s looking for a drama free bunny.


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