“BABY LAP BUNNY!” (please don’t pee on me!)

Let’s start off with a tiny story about Mini’s little babies. Being a first time mama she did a great job but around the 2-3 week mark her milk production suddenly dropped off. Nothing can compare to mothers milk, but the human mothers here at cuddlybuns have supplemented the best we could feeding them milk by hand twice a day. As a result her babies have missed a few vital growing stages early in life , which means many may stay runty never reaching their full size. They are excellent bottle feeders, which can come in handy should your bunny ever need critical care or medications in life.

3-2-21: Little Simba is as friendly as can be, he was the second in the litter to come and embrace his new human mamas. He spends so much around us and is often sleeping in my lap, sometimes he’ll even flop in my lap (that’s pretty rare). Then he’ll go eat some hay and come right back to napping in my lap. (I’ll try to get a photo of it next time, it’s so cute.) Defiantly one of the more tiny babies he has a medium grade apatite and I suspect he was remain a bit runty into adult hood.

Birthday: January 29, 2021.
Release Date: March 18, 2021. Simba is catching up in weight and may go home sooner than expected. 🙂
Coat Color: VM Black
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Boy
Parents: Minni and Choco
Temperament: Sweet and laid back bunny, very friendly and openly loves everyone he meets.
Energy: Moderate level of energy he’s a nice and easy lil guy who chills in laps.
Cuddy: Honestly can put him anywhere on your body and he’ll just stay there. He’s so agreeable.
Family: Any family with a runt should always take special care of their tiny companions, their small size makes them more delicate.


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