Strawberry Shortcake

“More like Strawberry cute cake!”

10-14-21: Cuddly buns has a very high standards of what we consider friendly and cuddly. She may be a little shy around new people at first but once she warms up this is what you can expect! She’s still not a fan of being held but she still loves some attention!

10-4-21: If you’re looking for a companion who will hang out by your side and not be overly demanding this is your gal! She seems rather independent by nature. She approaches us from time to time and clearly enjoys being petted, she will tooth purr and flatten out. However, cuddle time is on her time, if she’s not in the mood to be around she’s off doing her own thing. At Cuddle Buns, we don’t see that as a negative trait. It’s important to be realistic about the time and attention you can give your bunny or you will find yourself bringing home a 2nd bunny.

9-28-21: A little beauty who likes to copy what her siblings do. She’s still under evaluation as we discover what her preference for bonding is and how she greets strangers.

Birthday:   August 28, 2021. 
Release Date: October 17, 2021.
Coat Color:   Orange VM
Eye Color:  Brown
Gender:  GIRL
Parents: DJ and Roomba
Strongest Attributes:  Independant, she often seeks some ‘me’ time, which may be good for those who need to be out of the house from 9-5.
Handleability:  Dislikes being picked up and held. Will get wiggly and has occasionally kicked.
Energy Level:  Calm and respectful.
Cuddle Factor:  She enjoys pets, on her time and terms. She rather sit next to you though.
Family Type: 
Social Preference:  People. Hasent seen much or any social grooming from her. Spends a good amount of time by herself.


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