Tiger Lilly

“Funny Bunny”

5-18-22: Sweet little loves to play and frolic. She zips around the house then stops by her people for a quick pet and snacks. She requires a gentle touch to unlock her affection but once she loves you she’ll give you little bunny kisses.

Birthday:  3-30-22
Release Date: May go home today.
Coat Color:   Broken Tort
Eye Color:  Brown
Gender:  Girl
Parents: Lychee and Choco
Strongest Attributes: Funny, clever, playful
Handleability:  Easy to hold but is not a big fan of being held.
Energy Level:  Playful and bouncy.
Cuddle: Loves to be spoiled with treats!
Family Type:  Any family type.
Social Preference: People and bunnies


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