Tootsie Roll

“I’ll keep you company. “

4-29-21: She looks like a puffy little hamster walking around, it probably had to do with the fact she’s so puffy. This little girl is always by me, she even follows me into the bathroom and keeps me company! Every time I sit down she jumps in my lap, but not for pets, she wants snacks! I love me a hungry bunny, their always so much more robust than a the picky eaters.

5-16-21: Gentle and undemanding these bunnies do very well in homes where their parents might need to leave the house to work. Also she’d do well in a single bunny home. Some bunnies who are very social, do very poorly as a solo bun. So having a bunny who is more independent is good for those who know they only want 1 bun.

Birthday: March 24, 2021.
Release Date: May 15, 2021.
Coat Color: Black Otter VM
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Girl
Parents: DJ and Choco
Temperament: Sweet and curious, she likes to see what people are up to.
Energy Level: Busy, but not a trouble maker. Loves to binky and play.
Cuddle Factor: Her form of cuddling is just keeping an eye on you. Though you can easily get her to sit on your lap by giving her some treat time. Special note: Will behave skittish when in new environments.
Family Type: Great for any family type, well behaved and laid back. Good for families who’d only like to get 1 bunny.
Social Preference: Has a preference for people and herself, she’s very good at spending some time by herself.


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