” Oh lover boy!”

3-25-21: Some bunnies just capture our hearts from the moment we meet them. About 3 days after his eyes opened he started to follow us around the house, stepping up on our feet and when we sat down he sat in our laps. He is outgoing and sees every lap as an open invitation for cuddles. A rare few are born this way, the cuddlybuns team works hard with each bunny to make sure every baby sees the value of human companionship in their own way. Working with them during this brief but critical moment in their lives.

Such a sweetie!
Lap bunny ahoy!

4-7-21: Little Venus has stood out from the rest since the moment he made his way into our hearts. He is a grade A cuddle bun, there is no place he’d rather be than in your arms or lap. If you take him off your lap he’ll just jump right back into it. He’ll stand at your feet with his little paws on your ankles until you pick him up and give him some attention. He’s been grooming many members of the cuddle bun family for a while now, but last night was the first night he groomed me. He spent like a whole 6mins just licking my knee, aww I wanna keep him so bad, he’s so cute! This bunny has so much love in him!

Birthday: February 28, 2021.
Release Date: April 17, 2021.
Coat Color: White
Eye Color: Blue
Parents: Nini and Choco
Temperament: Affectionate, determined, energetic.
Handleability: 10/10 Wants to be held…
Energy Level: Energetic until he gets what he wants, which is normally a spot on your lap.
Cuddle Factor: Highly affectionate, constantly craves human attention and companionship.
Family Type: Would do great would any family type. Just because of his energy level and need for companionship I’d very much like for him to be in a free roam home where he can get access to all the human cuddles he needs!
Social Preference: Prefers PEOPLE. Has shown no favoritism in my family, seems to love us all just the same.


Happy Hour
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