” Sensitive and gentle support bunny for your bun!”

5-25-21: Violet is a sweet and sensitive girl. Naturally she was the shyest one in the litter, last one to come out of the nest and last one to explore the house. It took her a while to get comfortable around the cuddly buns team but now she acts just like all the other bunnies. She engages with us during our daily play times. Some shy bunnies like this do best when they are in the company of another bunbun.

I do feel like Violet is a prime candidate for being a bonded rabbit to other rabbits. Young does are very easy to introduce to male rabbits.

Birthday: April 4, 2021. Born on Easter!
Release Date: June 10, 2021.
Coat Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Girl
Parents: Minni and Choco
Temperament: Calm, sweet and curious.
Handleability: Easy to handle. Is not a fan of being picked up.
Energy Level: Lazy lil gal.
Cuddle Factor: Not a big fan of cuddles.
Family Type: Would do best with a more mature owner.
Social Preference: Bunnies and people equally.


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